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Archives - December 2020


Desert landscape ideas for backyards

Using Smaller Plants: Small Desert Plants for the southwest.  These small cactus plants are great for a small Xeriscape landscape design.  Most will require little water and will tolerate full hot sun…perfect for those small hot places that are bare. Desert plants are susceptible to mealybugs and other insects.  Owners tend to neglect them because they …


Big Yard Thoughts

We talk a lot about how to maximize space in small yards, but there are also homeowners who have the opposite challenge: finding tips for low-maintenance landscaping for large yards. While more space is always nice, it can feel pretty overwhelming when you are looking at a large area with no landscaping or landscaping that needs …


A Bit About Desert Landscaping

DESERT PROBLEMS At first take, the problems of desert landscaping can seem insurmountable — few climates can compare to the desert for odds to overcome. Lack of water is the most obvious problem, but not the only one. Overnight temperatures in the desert can be quite cool, which delays the ripening of many crops that …