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Enjoy gracious living in your yard


Enjoy gracious living in your yard and garden with a minimum of work and worry. Use this simple four step plan,  

Four easy steps … below.

To get started, you will need a tape measure, a camera, some graph paper (available as a PDF download right here), a ruler and a pencil. When using the graph paper, we recommend a scale of 4 ft. X 4 ft. graph squares for a back or front yard project (with each square adding/equaling 4 ft. so that 5 graph squares is equal to 20 ft., and 2 ft. X 2 ft. scale for a garden or smaller space plan. (This may seem complicated, but we really don’t need or want a precise blueprint – – this should be a fun, family project with a lot of love and creativity and just a little precision.)

Step 1:

Measure then draw a simple outline of your project area, showing driveways, sidewalks, patios, and any other permanent fixtures including the house/building and fence. Include existing trees and shrubs. Also, take photos to include with this plan.  Now, think about the space you have drawn and what you want to do in it and get from it?

Step 2:

OK, next, look out your windows & doors … stand in your patio or key backyard/front-yard spot … make notes on the direction of any desired views and/or things to screen … mark them on the graph. Also note and mark view distance, such as far away, like a city or mountain view, or nearby, like a neighbor’s garage or power line. Indicate the direction the wind most often blows. Finally, show areas that are mostly sunny or mostly shaded, including the direction “North” on your map.

Step 3:

Now, make notes on what you want to achieve, both now and in the future. Consider screening, focal points, water features, privacy, special needs, shaded areas, play areas, hobbies or interests, and how much maintenance you want to do. Do you want the landscape plan to have room for a garden? Is there a need for an irrigation solution or can you simply add on to your current sprinkler and drip system? Also write down the trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers and colors you prefer, and consider “4-season’s of interest” plantings, containers, flowerbeds and evergreens versus deciduous plants.  Where should there be color?  Where are the places for humans, birds, pets, parties, and/or quiet?

Step 4:

Wow, you have a lot on that graph outline plus notes & photos;  pick plants that fit your criteria. For further verification of your choices, bring all the information to one of a local nursery. 

Remember, you don’t have to solve every need or issue in one visit or in one project … break up the overall plan into parts; as they say, how do you eat an elephant … one bite at a time.  Happy Landscaping!  Backyard Connection – (702) 719-2500

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