While we all love the fact that Nevada offers very mild winter months, the price that we pay for those pleasant winters is the scorching heat of our peak summer months. You can make enjoying your outdoor living space much more comfortable by adding a few shades areas. This could be a shades dining area, a lounge space, or even over a portion of your pool. The benefit will be more usable space outdoors. And in the case of your swimming pool, shade structures can help to keep the water temperatures more refreshing and even easier to keep chemically balanced.

What most homeowners are unaware of is the wide variety available of shade structures and devices. Each structure or item that provides a shaded sanctuary has its pros and cons. So understanding these benefits and drawbacks will help you to determine which item will best meet your needs and add the desired shade to your outdoor Las Vegas / Henderson oasis. A call to 702-719-2500 is all that you need to make to schedule a free consultation with a professional designer. Your design can also assist you in exploring the vast options for adding a shade structure to your yard.