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Basics Tools for Gardening



Starting your garden requires the right tools.   There are a few basic tools that will get you started.

Here’s a sampling of garden tools to start filling your tool shed.

Shovels: Garden shovels have round, pointed blades. They are necessary for moving soil, digging holes and planting… Look for one with a flat edge at the top of the blade. It provides a better surface for your foot.

Trowels: Most planting requires you to be down on your knees with a trowel. Steel blades will last longest. Handle choice is a matter of personal preference. Soft rubber handles are easier on the grip.  A narrow blade is good for digging in solid soil. Wide, rounded blades remove soil faster.

Pruners: Pruning and shaping plants goes on all year. Good pruners will not only make your job easier, it will make a cleaner cut on the plants.  Basically there are 2 types of pruners: anvil and bypass.  Look for pruners with replaceable parts and blades that can be sharpened.

Hoes:  Hoes make quick work of weeds. They can also be used to break up soil that isn’t too compacted.

Garden forks: Garden forks are slightly shorter and thicker than pitch forks. The strongest have square, rather than flat tines.

Rakes: Yard rakes will help you get fall’s leaves out of your gardens and also collect all your garden debris. Tines with some spring can be used in the garden without too much damage to plants. A narrow rake can maneuver around plants easier, but a wide rake makes quicker work of leaves. As with trowels, many rakes now come with ergonomic handles that put less stress on your back.

You will also want a heavy metal rake. These are long and straight with teeth about 3″ long. They are necessary to smooth out newly tilled garden soil and break up clumps.

Wheelbarrows & Carts: The size of your cart will depend on the size of your garden. While larger seems better, don’t get something so large it becomes to heavy when full for you to move.

Water cans and Hose: Here in Las Vegas, rain is scarce!  Make sure your watering can is not too large to lift when full.  Hoses should be durable and multiple spray options.

Don’t forget to clean, sharpen and oil your tools to keep them in good shape.

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