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Big Yard Thoughts


We talk a lot about how to maximize space in small yards, but there are also homeowners who have the opposite challenge: finding tips for low-maintenance landscaping for large yards. While more space is always nice, it can feel pretty overwhelming when you are looking at a large area with no landscaping or landscaping that needs to be replaced. This can be quite the home improvement project and — even if you have hired a professional landscaper to assist you — you might not know what you want or where to start.

Folks with acreage or large backyards sometimes install a swimming pool, a vineyard, an orchard, or an expansive, natural grass lawn to cover the area. If they have enough space, some homeowners choose to install a combination of these features. However, not everyone is interested in taking on the list of chores that comes with maintaining any of these options.

If you do not want to spend hours every week taking care of your landscaping or pay someone to do it for you, you are much better off choosing low-maintenance landscaping for large yards. Opting for easy-care landscaping features will allow you to beautify your yard and create usable spaces while also having more time to enjoy these outdoor living areas.

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