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Curb Appeal: 5 Tips for a Beautiful Front Yard


At Backyard Connection  we understand that the exterior of your home is something that everyone can see, and most homeowners strive to create great curb appeal. Thinking about curb appeal shows pride of ownership, and it is also essential when the time comes to sell your home. Luckily, creating great curb appeal is not very difficult. Use the following curb appeal ideas to increase the visual appeal of the exterior of your home:

Improve Your Lighting

If your home has a boring builder-grade porch light, you can improve the look of the area without spending a ton of money by investing in a new porch light. A hanging pendant light made with hammered glass or a lantern lamp installed on the wall near your front door can instantly boost your curb appeal. When replacing your porch light, consider also installing lantern lamps on each side of your garage for extra light at night, as well as visual interest.

Make Your Front Door Pop

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their front door, but the color of your front door can make a big difference in the overall look of the front of your house. If your front door is old and blends into the color of your house, consider replacing it with a bright colored door, or paint your current door with a contrasting color. When making a big change to the color of your door, don’t forget to update the door handle and lock for a bold look.

Accessorize with Potted Plants

Flowers and foliage are a great addition to any yard, but they don’t necessarily need to be planted in the ground. An easy way to add plants to your yard while increasing curb appeal at the same time is by utilizing containers and potting the plants. There are so many options when it comes to containers for plants, so you should not have any difficulty finding ones that suit your taste and aesthetic vision. Large urns, simple ceramic pots, or even window boxes can serve as a visual focal point along your home’s entryway or the exterior windows.

Rent a Power Washer

Renting a power washer can revitalize the exterior of your home. Living in the dusty desert, it is not uncommon for dust and debris to accumulate on the outside of a house giving it a dull, drab look. Before you assume that it is time to repaint your house, try washing the exterior of your home with a power washer—you may be amazed by how much different your home looks when it is clean.

If you rent a power washer, don’t forget to use it on your driveway. Stains from oil and other automobile fluids can be quite unsightly, and a power washer can help your driveway look as good as new.

Don’t Forget the Basics

One of the most important aspects of great curb appeal is the overall state of the landscaping in your yard. Weeds, untrimmed shrubs and bushes, and dead grass can make the front of your home look unkempt and uncared for. When you want to maintain curb appeal, a lawn service may be your best option. Hiring a lawn care and landscaping services company will ensure that your yard looks great all year round.

Even if you don’t have grass in your front yard, a service can keep weeds out of your rocks and make sure that your trees, bushes, and flowering plants thrive and grow in a desert environment. It is a good idea to have a consultation with a landscaping company to see how often services will be needed in order to maintain the look of your yard.

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