If you live in the Las Vegas area, chances are you’ve noticed that cacti and other succulents have a stately sense about them that is truly beautiful to behold.

Desert landscaping takes advantage of this surreal quality and brings it home to you.

But desert landscaping isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. It offers a number of other advantages as well.

For instance, desert landscapes are surprisingly affordable to maintain. Watering a lawn every day isn’t cheap, especially if you live in a dry climate. While it’s possible to create and maintain a beautiful green lawn, you’ll have to water it constantly.

To make things worse, no matter the tips and tricks you apply to foster its growth, it’ll never thrive like a bluegrass lawn would in a temperate region.

By choosing plants and elements that will thrive in a low moisture environment, not only does this make use of the natural elements in the area, it’s inexpensive as well.

With this huge benefit, you may be wondering when we’ll get to the bottom of things. In other words, how much does a desert landscape installation cost in Las Vegas?


The size of your property

The biggest factor in the cost of your new desert landscaping installation is the size of the project. If your home sits on a 2-acre lot, you can expect to pay more than someone with a 1/4 of that.

Still, a big lot doesn’t have to be a deterrent to your desert landscaping dreams. If you don’t have the funds to landscape your entire lot, consider going bit by bit.

Plus, it’s not as hard as it seems. Simply, install plants that take a long time to reach maturity first.

Then, when they begin to reach their peak, landscape another section with plants with a faster maturity rate. Doing it this way will ensure that everything comes together just right.


Patio Installation

Decks or patios are a wonderful addition to your new desert landscaping installation.

Not only do they provide an interesting element to your space, they are also a great place to relax and/or entertain your loved ones. Family cookouts are always good for an interesting story.

But, a pool or a jacuzzi can thrill as well. The truth of the matter is, when you install a patio on your property, you are only limited by your imagination.


Stone Landscaping

Picture stone pathways winding through your expertly designed and installed desert landscaping. Not only can this element add an extra bit of pizzazz to your space, it has it’s practical purposes as well.

For instance, you can use them to create sections that separate/highlight certain design elements.

Desert landscaping is not only aesthetically beautiful, it’s actually cost effective as well. So, don’t wait any longer.

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