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How To Choose The Right Landscaper


This we all know. When creating a fabulous backyard takes a lot of work. You need someone who is responsive to your needs.  Choosing the right residential landscaper can be a difficult if you’re not sure how to go about it.

First.  Is the landscaper compliant with all state regulations and requirements?

This should be your first question. Landscaping companies that are not compliant with regulations and requirements can cause you major headaches down the road. Don’t get caught in a situation that involves costly mistakes. Backyard Connections of Henderson are certified landscape experts that comply with all state regulations and requirements.

Second. How do I decide what is best for my yard?

The planning phase can be overwhelming when tackling a landscape remodel on your own. You want your front and back yards to make a statement. Our team of landscape experts at Backyard Connections can help. We’ll sit down with you, go over the composition of the yard(s) and what will grow best and look best in you area as well as design special spaces that will convert your dream to reality.

Third. What  should I be looking for in a landscaper?

Always look for someone that is going to be honest and upfront with you about costs, labor and other expenses. You need someone who understands the soil composition, what plants and bushes go well on your property and has experience in designing fantastic backyards..

At Backyard Connection, we understand those needs. We meet and exceed customer expectations for honesty and experience. We offer consultation services and work with you every step of the way in your landscape project.

I want someone to focus on the whole landscape. What services should I be looking for?

Full design and landscaping services include lighting, paving, stonework, design, water resources and lawn care. In other words, you need a landscaper that is proficient in the whole process from water irrigation systems to placement of paving stones.

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