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Dog owners in the Henderson / Las Vegas area have asked this question multiple time so I figured I should say something about it.


Deter Digging

A natural-looking artificial grass is made to withstand heavy duty use that regular grass can’t handle. Most pet and canine turf is designed with strong grass fibers that don’t easily give way to curious paws. Pet grass also includes a backing system to help keep everything in place. Even better: artificial grass installation also means that mud and dirt stay outdoors where they belong.

All-Weather Turf

Whether it is a scorching hot sunny day or a rainy one, artificial grass will keep dirt and mud off your pets. Any liquid that comes in touch with your pet turf will drain at rates up to 90 inches per hour. This means more play time for your pet without having to worry about them coming in with that wet dog smell or muddy paws.

No More Smells

Backyards truly are multipurpose areas for pets. They are a place for them to run and play, but they also need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid the ammonia smell that typically comes with pet urine. Artificial canine grass installations include Envirofill® with Microban®, an antimicrobial infill that help remove smells from your yard before they become noticeable. Envirofill® uses an encapsulation of silica sand that rinses through your turf more cleanly than other types of infill, so you get a beautiful yard even after it’s been used.

Improve your Pet’s Well-Being

Your number one priority as a pet owner is your pet’s well-being. Pet turf system keeps fertilizers and pesticides away from your pets and the groundwater supply. You can rest easy knowing that the turf is pest-resistant. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are naturally repelled without the use of any chemicals. Your pets can enjoy their time outside – and you will love how your new backyard installation keeps your pets healthy!

For residents living in the Southern Nevada area, a synthetic pet turf solution is a great way to show your pets how much you love them.

We recommend SYNLawn artificial pet turf, your yard will look beautiful so your pet can enjoy more time in the great outdoors!

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