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Landscaping Design for Homes in Las Vegas



Landscaping has been around for many years. It has helped enhance public gardens, business premises and of course, numerous homes.

But in Las Vegas it does get quite hot in the summer time (around 110 degrees) and a bit cold in the winter (a few days below freezing). This can wreak havoc on not only your yard, but the pipes which run underneath it.

Different Types of Landscaping

Driveway Landscaping

Most homeowners do not find driveways interesting.  Until they see it on TV. Driveway landscaping can be a great way to add style and creativity to a home. As most driveways are located beside the front yard, it is great to turn this into something beautiful to look at. This will help complement the facade of your house while adding value to the entire property.

If we’re talking about Las Vegas, make sure to use plants, such as annuals, which can survive the cold weather but also live through the strain of intense heat. Try not to run irrigation under the driveway, however, because if they freeze during the winter time they might crack…

Front Yard Landscaping

The front yard is the first to be noticed upon passing by a house.  A beautifully-landscaped garden will leave passersby in awe. It can also work as a stress-reliever, seeing a beautiful yard when you get home from a long day’s work. You can start by planning a design that will best suit the kind of house you have. If you already have a workable design, it’s time to assess your land area and select the types of plants you want to use. You can also add landscape decors such as benches, wind chimes and statues to enhance your property.

Some plants which work well in Las Vegas include:

  • Salvia greggii
  • Bird of Paradise
  • lantana
  • cactus
  • red yucca
  • palo verdes
  • Agaves
  • Texas rangers
  • acacias
  • mesquites
  • Sotol


Backyard Landscape

People who have limited front yard spaces but have wider backyards create the bulk of their landscape in this area. You can set up a mini lanai where you can get together with family and friends, or get vines to crawl up trellises that will serve as roofing to an outside dining area. Some homeowners also create waterfalls or bird ponds in their backyards to create a serene feeling.

Since water conservation is important in Las Vegas, some homeowners install synthetic grass.

Try Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is basically a landscape which is designed to use less water and support conservation.

The added advantage to Xeriscaping in Las Vegas is that your yard will help you to spend less money on your water bill.

The art of landscaping is different from simple gardening. This requires a lot of patience, hard work and time to get the entire landscape into a reality. You will also have to prepare a good plan as the season changes which can affect your plant’s growth and the lifespan of your landscape decors. Budget also plays an important role in getting your landscape project done. Some people want to invest highly in their property without minding the costs for a landscape garden. However, for those who are on a tight budget, there are also different landscaping ideas that do not need a lot of financial resources.

Landscaping is a good hobby that entices the mind to think and be creative. It is a great form of recreation, especially during the weekends. It is also a fun activity that brings family and friends closer together.