Lawn Care Maintenance


What you should know when thinking about landscaping your Las Vegas Valley yard

  • BUDGET. Have a budget in mind. Everyone has a budget and it’s important when landscaping.  With a budget, We are able to help guide you through the design and installation process more efficiently. We may have alternate designs, plants, or tress that will accommodate your goals and better fit your budget. We want you to be able to visualize all the possibilities and we want to get it right the first time.
  • THE ‘WHY’. We like to know your purpose for landscaping. With strategic planning, we can create different uses for different areas.  Are you beautifying an area for guests? Are we landscaping for kids? Do you have Pets? Adding curb appeal to your house? Reducing maintenance costs? Need to get angry neighbors or an HOA off your back? These are things we need to know and consider when recommending things to you. This helps us choose the proper plants and design styles that will accommodate your ‘why’.
  • MAINTENANCE. Since you will be maintaining your investment(or hiring us to maintain it) its important to tell us what you expect from a maintenance point of view. Do you have any idea of how many hours you want to spend maintaining it or how much you are willing to pay someone? Do you have the budget or tools and resources?  These are important factors when designing landscapes so we can guarantee years of enjoying your landscaping.
  • YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Consider your return on investment. How long will you be living in the home? What are the long-term maintenance costs? Great landscaping can increase your property value and provide years of personal enjoyment. This is often overlooked and not consider when planning your landscaping.