Here in Las Vegas, homes are on fairly small plots. There aren’t many sprawling yards like you see in magazines, movies or driving through the countryside in other states. Landscaping choices should differ based on the size of your yard and on location. There are things you can do to make it look larger and more aesthetically appealing.

-Choose smaller foliage. Whether you are a fan of shrubs, blooms or trees or rocks, think small. If you cover your yard’s surface area with a few larger plants, your yard will look smaller and cramped. So choose smaller, more delicate looking blooms and shrubs—and keep those shrubs pruned!

-Think cozy. Small is not a negative thing. Take advantage of the smaller space to create an intimate environment. Choose low-slung seating and consider adding a pergola with climbing vines. 

-Go geometric. Long, straight lines make the eye think that the space it is seeing is larger than it actually is. To maximize this effect, have the lines converge at a single point. For example, consider putting in hedges or other plants coming away from your home in a “V” shape, using the entrance as the point of the V.

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