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What’s the perfect time of year to give your lawn that bit of extra attention that it craves?

Keep reading and not only will you find out, but you’ll also get 5 professional tips from us on how to go about giving your yard a much need clean up!

Fall is without doubt the best time of year to give your yard or lawn that blast of attention. It definitely needs it after the harsh Vegas summer month where extreme weather conditions can take its toll on your front or back yard.

In order to prepare your lawn for the coming months, it’s vital that your yard gets some rest so that it adequately recovers and gets nutrients and strength.

Here are 5 top tips for you to employ for your yard clean up in order to get it ready for action again.


This is one of the best ways to quickly clean leaves and other debris from your yard. Rake them into a tarp as this will let you drag the leaves and dump them.

Always use an ergonomic rake to prevent any backaches while you’re doing this job because the repetitive motions can cause pain for those of you with weak lower backs.


It’s best to clear your yard of large tree branches using a log splitter to remove them instead of using an axe.

In order to remain safe during this job, it’s a good idea to always place a log splitter on a dry, flat surface and then make sure you secure the wheels to prevent the splitter from moving around during the operation.


Not that it rains much in Vegas, but when it does then the gutters can quickly fill up with debris and leaves. This results in water not draining properly.

In turn, then gutters become overflowed and this can lead to your landscape becoming flooded.

Try and keep those gutters clean all the time and it’s just something simple like a bunch of leaves that can cause the gutter to become flooded and disrupt the flow of water.


Earlier we mentioned that your lawn needs those nutrients in order to gain back its strength after a tough summer. See More Here 

Spreading fertilizer around your lawn helps the grass to replenish its resources after the intense Vegas heat. Not only that, but it gives it much needed rest and establishes strong roots and improves the quality of the soil.


It’s always best to remove weeds as soon as you seem them appear. Try and remove the roots as well so that you prevent regrowth.

Once you’ve removed the weeds, the cover the landscape area with rocks to block the sunlight to further prevent any growth.


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